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With an open mind, friendship and an uplifting message, "Real Women- Real Weight" promises to be an avenue for you to start or continue your spiritual journey. Our goal is to encourage avenues that will enable you to navigate the courage from within to grow spiritually. Through discussion and prayer/mediation we share our experiences with others. We believe in , Relationship Building. You are welcome to bring your opinions to discussions.  You can even blog about it.  No one will judge you! We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord!
The goal is to I.M.P.A.C.T. A Life Today! 
with I.rreverisble M.otivation P.ersuaded A.nd C.ausing T.rimuph!

To cause another women to realize that she can LOOK UP AND LIVE. HIS STAINS WERE FOR OUR PAIN, AND YOUR STAINS ARE FOR HER PAIN.  Through sharing our wisdom, experiences and understanding of the word of God we promote and encourage a healthy life style through Christ.
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Wha is Real Women With Real Weight
< The Art Work was created by Karen Lakins.  See more of Karen's work on facebook - Thank you Karen for allowing us to share your art.
The Real Women with Real Weight series is intended to help women recognize that although we may come from different cultures, and various life experiences, we are all the same.  All women wish they had things they can do better, or do at all.  We all experience times when we feel we are alone in our endeavors.  Every woman, no matter her walk in life, struggles with weight.
 Hosted by a panelist of respected professionals, communicators, and authors, the Real Women with Real Weight series will help you find the confidence and strength to shed, or continue to shed, the excess weight of life and live on purpose.  As this is an ongoing process required to live life abundantly. There are many things out there that promise to change your life;  Our goal is to enable you to do more:  Through connecting and sharing with other women we discover who we are, we discover our strengths and confront lifehead on.  In doing so, with I.M.P.A.C.T. (Irreversible Motivation Persuaded and Causing Triumph) we not only change our life but we can change the life of our sister.
Location: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/me-god--a-cup-of-coffee
Meeting Times:
If you are interested in participating and being a co-host on our Saturday morning discussion, please take a moment to Contact Us or sign our Guest Book.    - JOIN US EVERY SATURDAY MORNING AT 8:00 A.M. on BlogTalk Radio for "ME, GOD AND a CUP OF COFFEE" - Founding Host Susan Kee.  START YOUR MORNING WITH A POSITIVE REFLECTION OF YOU BY HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH GOD! 
(Share this series with your sisters. Take responsibility, I.M.P.A.C.T. A Life Today!)
Women Sharing with one another
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